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Ищу легальную работу в Турции Аланья
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Ищу работу в Турции:  
-Мастера по ремонту и настройке ПК, (прошивка планшетов и телефонов)  
-Сборщик корпусной мебели (изготовление)   
-водитель "В" "С" (экстремальное вождение)  
-работа в техническом и хозяйственном отделе отеля или жилого комплекса  

Рассмотрю любые предложения.   


Age: 35 years
City of residence: Ukraine Dnepropetrovskstreet. Kalinovaya 53/310
Marital status: Married, daughter 2014 year ofbirth,
The son from his firstmarriage 2001 year of birth.
Phone: +380979405037 Mobile, viber; e-mail: sash-er@mail.ru
Schedule: Full-time

The Aim

The use of their professional experience,skills and knowledge for the posts Administrator(caretaker). Relocate in connection with hostilities and lawlessnessin the country


Private Production and CommercialCompany "SystemPivden"                    09.04.2001y - 01.06.2001y
Yuzhny, Ukraine
Assistant Director General for organizational work

- Organization of exhibitions entrepreneurs Odessa region
LLC"SV" Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine                                                                    20.09.2001y- 31.05.2003y
Accountant- Auditor
- Carrying auditing outlets organization and excretion
of audit findings
In an organization there were more than 50 outlets in
the form of kiosks
- Programming cash registers and training of personnel
working on them 
Company"Road service" Yuzhny, Ukraine
Driver                                                                                                                     01.04.2004y -28.05.2004y
- Due to the fact that there was not free car had to
deal with ancillary work
DP "Module-M", Yuzhny Ukraine
Assembly of furniture
         01.07.2004y - 17.09.2004y
- Assembly and installation of furniture at customers
PE"Ehrlich" Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine
                28.03.2005y - 30.02.2009y
- Conducted trading activities, supplies goods (soft
inventory) municipal educational institutions Dnepropetrovsk region
Municipalinstitutions of education "Secondary sanatorium boarding school №3 »
DnipropetrovskRegional Council»                                                      
           02.03.2009 y.- Present. time
Dnipropetrovsk,street Znamenskaya 25, Ukraine
DeputyDirector of the economic part
- Management of economic activities of the institution
- Ensure timely preparedness educational institution
for the new school year
- Monitoring the proper economic, technical and
sanitary-hygienic maintenance of premises, buildings, classrooms, etc.
according to the rules and regulations of life safety
- Responsible for the acquisition and preservation of
material wealth
- Control of the technical staff
- Signing of documents and invoices reception of
works, goods and services
I'm in the institution is fulfilled:
- Local Area Network, which includes two computer labs
and workplaces facility staff a total of 44 PCs
- The development of telephone communications, with 6
phone lines derived through the Mini ATS received 24
- Installation of CCTV
- Reconstruction of the boiler and heating system
- Major repairs of roofs, buildings and class

Vocationalschool №18 Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine                                           01.09.1997y- 23.06.1998y
LocksmithSmith with the third category
DnepropetrovskInstitute of Technical Education Workers                            31.08.1998y- 29.06.2000y
DnipropetrovskState Academy of Finance                                                     
01.08.2013y - Present. time
Financeand credit, in 2016 received the degree of Specialist
(distance learning)

Skills and abilities
Advanced PC user: MS Word, Excel. Repair and
adjustment of PC and office equipment. Design, manufacture and repair of
Perform any household repairs.
Ability to learn.

Additional Information
Initiative, sociability, goodwill, results
orientation, responsibility, stress, energy. Have a driver's license category
"B", "C" driving experience 16 years.
I do not have bad habits, do not smoke, drink alcohol
at least reasonable.
Since 2009. annual pass examination on:
  - "Rules
for the safe operation of electrical users"
  - "Rules
for security of gas supply systems of Ukraine"
  - "Rules
of technical safety in the operation of thermal units of heat networks"
  - "Rules
for the safe operation of pressure vessels"
  - "Rules
of occupational safety and health"
"Administrator technical staff"
Форум о Турции | Турция Для Друзей » Работа в Турции » Поиск работы в Турции » Ищу легальную работу в Турции Аланья (Я из украины Мне 35 ищу легальную работу в Анталии Алании)
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